Our Team


Eric Wan

Principal and Property Manager

A real estate agent since 2004. Current roles are servicing clients in property matters relating to  sales and property management.

Maria photo edited

Maria Nguyen

Real Estate Professional

" together we WIN !! " Maria Nguyen.

Maria wins for her clients , always going the extra mile. Energetic, Smart, Hardworking and never gives up.


Angela Fong

Real Estate Professional

" makes Clients millionaires " Angela Fong.

She has made millionaires. A successful real estate agent since the late 90s. Passionate and enjoys her real estate business.


David Chen

Real Estate Professional

David is a real estate professional. He has over twenty years of experience in sales and property
management and a strong background in construction.

todd 170817

Todd Schultz

Property Specialist

" A natural athlete in the field , so as in his business in real estate - serving you with passion, grit and focus."  

Todd epitomises integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.
Todd left a promising career with a national organisation to grow a real estate business.   

A family man, with a devotion to God , his beautiful wife and 4 children . And a natural  athlete playing Rugby , Gridiron, Baseball, Basketball as well as coaching , a love for diving, flying, and passion for motorcycles.  Todd's   natural qualities  - energy , perseverance and focus - are in full throttle when working for his clients.