Our Team


Eric Wan

Principal and Property Manager

A real estate agent since 2004. Current roles are servicing clients in property matters relating to  sales and property management.

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Maria Nguyen

Real Estate Professional

" together we WIN !! " Maria Nguyen.

Maria wins for her clients , always going the extra mile. Energetic, Smart, Hardworking and never gives up.


Angela Fong

Real Estate Professional

" makes Clients millionaires " Angela Fong.

She has made millionaires. A successful real estate agent since the late 90s. Passionate and enjoys her real estate business.


David Chen

Real Estate Professional

David is a real estate professional. He has over twenty years of experience in sales and property
management and a strong background in construction.

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Vincent Chen

Property Sales Specialist

"Specialist knowledge in residential and commercial properties and land development"

Vincent has more than 30 years of experience in real estate sales, marketing and management. Highly recommended by clients for his professionalism and knowledge of his local real estate market.

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Todd Schultz

Property Specialist

" A natural athlete in the field , so as in his business in real estate - serving you with passion, grit and focus."  

Todd epitomises integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.
Todd left a promising career with a national organisation to grow a real estate business.   

A family man, with a devotion to God , his beautiful wife and 4 children . And a natural  athlete playing Rugby , Gridiron, Baseball, Basketball as well as coaching , a love for diving, flying, and passion for motorcycles.  Todd's   natural qualities  - energy , perseverance and focus - are in full throttle when working for his clients.